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Brynn’s Critters was founded in October of 2013 by Kim Kempkes and Sarah Thompson as a pet-centered pet services company that offers pet walking, pet sitting, basic obedience training, and pet transport in which pet care providers travel to the pet’s home.

Brynn’s Critters will help care for any pet that is legally held in its residence. Many pets are social by nature and enjoy interaction with people and/or other pets throughout the day. Your pets can be cared for in one place, in their own environment, and you can rest assured that they are happy and less stressed.

Brynn’s Critters is dedicated to offering premium pet care and communicating with pet companions about interactions with their pets. After any visit in which the owner is not present, the pet care provider will leave a Pet Care Report Card that summarizes what your pet did during the visit and what they enjoyed most about the visit.

We want to know what our clients think and what they need. What other services would you like to see Brynn’s Critters offer? What works the best for you? What would you like to be improved? Please let us know!

About the Owners 

Kim Kempkes, A.A.S.B.A, ABCDT

I have had pets, ranging from rats to horses, my entire life. I currently have eight cats and three dogs of my own as well as up to two foster dogs. We recently cared for seven foster puppies for their first twelve weeks–whew! The most recent addition to our home is Dyson, a very high energy mixed-breed adolescent who began his life on a reservation in South Dakota. He came to me as a foster puppy, but I just couldn’t let this “little” guy go!IMG_1980

I have always loved animals and decided that I should make caring for animals a career. I believe that knowledge is power. With the goal of running an animal rescue, I entered and graduated from Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska with an Associate’s Degree in business administration. My current goals still include that animal rescue, but I have chosen to also operate a business which focuses on caring for animals.

I recently completed dog training certification through Animal Behavior College. They also provide mini courses in cat training, pet nutrition and diet, training shelter dogs, and pet massage which I am working on currently.

It is my sincerest belief that businesses have a moral obligation to give back to the communities in which they operate. My current personal contribution is fostering and completing home visits for Heartland German Shepherd Rescue (HUGS), and I train dogs regularly for Hearts United for Animals. (Please see the “Community” page for more information.)

I look forward to serving the Lincoln community! 

Sarah Thompson 

I have always believed that animals are here to teach us true love, survival, inner strength, and how to truly enjoy life. I have had a variety of different pets in my life including hermit crabs, rabbits, birds, and turtles. Even allergies to cats have not kept me away from them!

I currently have a houseful of cats and dogs. I also foster dogs for Heartland German Shepherd Rescue (HUGS). The first dog that I fostered for HUGS became a “foster fail” which means that he became a permanent part of the family. (Oops!)

I have eight years of customer service in the retail and food industries combined. I look forward to expanding my experience and knowledge in pet services as this business grows.

I am so excited to make pets my career as it has been a lifelong dream. I look forward to meeting you and your pets!


1202 S 22nd Street

Lincoln, NE 68502

Phone: (402) 904-7548

We are 100% mobile so that we can offer individualized care. Please make an appointment.

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