The owners, Kim and Sarah, believe that businesses have an obligation to give back to every community in which they do business. On a personal level, Kim and Sarah are volunteering with Heartland German Shepherd Rescue (HUGS) helping to foster German Shepherd Dogs and dogs from two reservations in South Dakota.

Kim also performs home visits for HUGS and trains dogs regularly at Hearts United for Animals.

On the business level, Brynn’s Critters will feature local nonprofit animal care organizations and nonprofit pet-centered events on its Facebook page. If you know of any organizations who would like to be featured, please let us know!

In the future, we will be opening a nonprofit rescue of our own. We would like to be able to take in pets that are legal in the state of Nebraska as well as farm animals that need homes and/or need to be rehabilitated.

We are also committed to partnering with local businesses as much as possible to fulfill business needs that are outside of our business’s focus. Currently, we have three local partners: Money Smarts, Inc. is doing our accounting; Revolution Wraps helped design and wrap our car we have received marketing materials through Quality Resource Group and Flicker Promotions.

We look forward to expanding our local partners and our business!

1202 S 22nd Street

Lincoln, NE 68502

Phone: (402) 904-7548

We are 100% mobile so that we can offer individualized care. Please make an appointment.


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